Create a Bunny Bunting

09 Apr 2020

DIY Bunny Bunting

Brighten up your home this Easter and have some fun doing it! We have just the crafty activity to add that personal touch to your lounge, living area or kitchen. Making our own décor is a great way to save waste and accessorise your home and more importantly it gets the whole family involved.

Our simple steps are super easy for you and your little ones to follow. It’s also a great way to use up any old fabric you may have laying around or you could finally use up all the excess wrapping paper you’ve been storing.

When we think Easter, we imagine warm and soft pastel tones, this could be a nice theme to incorporate however go with what you have on hand at home and get your creative flair going.

What you will need

  • Scissors (under parents supervision)
  • Fabric or paper (a few different colours or patterns if you have them, otherwise plain paper is ok too)
  • 1 piece of thicker cardboard – you could use the cardboard from a shoe box or cereal box
  • 2 meter long ribbon or string
  • Pencil
  • Sticky tape
  • For tracing: household/garden objects: big cup, smaller cup, long shaped leaf (or you can hand draw this easy shape) 

Step 1 – Create a bunny template

Make a template for your bunny shapes by tracing the household items onto the cardboard in the shape of a bunny as shown in the image above. You may need to adjust the outline for the leaf to make the perfect bunny ears, or you can draw them freehand (keep them wide enough to have a hole in the middle for the string without being too flimsy). Cut around the outside of the shape.

Step 2 – Use your bunny template to trace multiple bunnies

Use the cardboard bunny template to trace several bunnies from the fabric or paper you have and then cut out the shapes.

If you have used patterned fabric or paper, then move to step 3. If you have used white paper and want to add some colour, then get decorating your bunnies by colouring, painting, or gluing things on – work with whatever craft items you have.

Step 3 – Punch holes for the string

Punch a hole in the centre of both bunny ears. Repeat on all your bunny cut outs. If you have a hole puncher handy this would be great but you can also do this by carefully poking a pencil or biro through (for paper) or a tiny snip with scissors (for fabric).

Step 4 – Thread string and hang!

Gently thread your ribbon or string through all the little holes you created (careful, the bunny ears are delicate) and hang using sticky tape or by tying the string to objects hanging on the wall. You could hang it across a doorway, or in a window. When you’re done with one, have a go at creating lots more strings of bunny bunting using different colours or patterns, or add different shapes such as easter eggs, carrots, or even little triangle flags to write a letter on each one spelling out ‘Happy Easter’!